Furniture Distribution Program

The Furniture Distribution Program, which includes appliances (When given to us) goes hand in hand with all other services. While much of what is inventoried is not kept onsite, it is readily accessible to Another Chance of Ohio.

Toy Give-Away Program

Annually, Another Chance has its Toy Give-Away to needy families during the holiday season. Toys are donated throughout the year. Volunteers who have benefited from the center’s services clean and repair the toys. This program has grown steadily over the years.

Referral Assistance

Another Chance has trained, skilled and knowledgeable staff on board to link customers to available community resources.

Family Empowerment Workshops

The Family Empowerment Workshops, in partnership with Michael Lisman’s Financial Empowerment Counseling, are designed to assist families in becoming better equipped to handle the challenges of living at or near the poverty line and preparing for opportunities that lift people out of poverty. They include workshops on home budgeting, landlord/tenant issues, crime prevention, diet and nutrition, shared responsibilities with school and a variety of other topics.

Adopt-a-Family Program

The Adopt-a-Family Program links families in need of support with families, individuals, corporations and groups who can help. People accepted for this committee receive training for the program. Support comes in various ways, such as, encouraging the family, helping out during holidays or other special times, problem solving, social events and more.

Show of Love Program

This program provides birthday, graduation and other special occasion gifts to youth separated from their parents, often due to incarceration of one or both parents.

Kid-2-Kid Program

Toys are given to children on the 24th of December each year on a first-come, first-served basis. The youth share in a party, which includes surprise guests.

Heart-to-Heart Program

A mentoring program for youth and adults, Heart-to-Heart is growing based on the need to help educate children and make them life-long active learners.

Youth Construction Training Program

ACOO is planning on implementing a job training program in the home construction industry in partnership with Twin Brother Construction and Ohio Guidestone to provide male youth with job training and job search skills. This program will help homeowners safe guard their properties in inner city communities.